What is the Bikini Diet?

Bikini DietHeard of the bikini diet? Becoming fit for the summer does not have to be dreaded every bikini season. Woman around the world are always so worried that their bodies will not look great in their new bikini. However, there are so many simple ways you can get that bikini body, for the summer. One way is called, “the bikini diet.” It may sound hard, but it is not hard at all. You just have to put your mind to it and become very dedicated in it. If you become dedicated, you will have that bikini body in no time. The bikini diet does exactly what it says. It is a diet that gets you ready for your bikini.

The simple 5 step The Bikini Diet:

Step #1

When eating, if you must eat what you want, use a small plate when eating. This makes it easier for you to eat smaller amounts. Having large plates will only make it look like you have small portions. However, having a large plate only allows you to have large portions. So, stick to small plates when eating.

Step #2

When going on any bikini diet, you must stick to drinking lots of water. Drinking anything with sugar or sodium, will just add to more weight gain. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will keep you hydrated and will help lose weight. It will also help flush out lots of toxins that are in your body.

Step #3

Know all the calories your are putting into your body. Writing down what your eating everyday can help you elimanate some of those calories. To figure out what how many calories your suppose to have, just multiply your weight by twelve. For example, if you weigh 130 lbs, you should be consuming 1,560 calories a day. When doing the bikini diet, you want to shed five hundred calories per pound a week you want to lose. Which should not be hard. Make your portions a little smaller, or cut out a portion of fruit a day. while fruit can be very healthy, they still contain calories.

Step #4

With the bikini diet, you want to stick to healthy foods, and make sure you get lots of protein for energy. You will need all the energy you can get, while exercising your butt off, literally.

Nutrition is your friend, when wanting that bikini body. Know your good carbs from your bad carbs. Sweet potatoes and brown rice are pluses, however, breads and pastas are bad for diets. Stick with eating more small meals, filled with a protein, veggies and a good carb. Do this many times a day will make your metabolism higher and will maintain your blood glucose levels. Giving you loads of energy. So stick to several small meals a day.

Step #5

Maintaining a healthy exercise regimen is very important with any bikini diet. Sticking to exercises that focus on toning your body is ideal. Exercises like squat’s  sit ups, lunges, running and swimming are perfect for wanting to get in shape for the bikini season. Adding yoga and Pilates is needed too. Be sure to do many work outs a day. You can exercise with small weights too. This will give beautiful definition to your arms. Do whatever your comfortable with. Any exercises will work, as long as you stick with them.

Bikini diets are among the most popular type of exercises, because woman around the world are always looking for that perfect bikini body. Developing and maintaining that perfect bikini body should not be that complicated. Just make your plan and stick with it. Always remember to exercise, eat healthy and drink lots of water. Losing a couple pounds a week is not that far fetched, if you stick to the bikini diet.

bikini diet

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