The Best Toning Workouts For Busy Women

Toning Workouts For Women

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Toning workouts for women Get the best toning workouts for women with the Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness model program. The time has come to tone up and look great. Let’s get down to some of the best workout tips for women from Jennifer Nicole Lee here self. Strength Training For Women If you have problems areas then strength training is where you will be able to tone and lift those areas that bother you most. First focus on these six toning workouts for women and you will be burning fat quickly and building toned muscles. Yo will be doing 6 different circuits.

These are very intense so be ready to work. 3 sets of 30 Second Strength Workouts followed by another 3 sets of quick cardio at 30 second intervals. Make time to do these workouts at least 3 times a week. Make sure you put in a rest day somewhere in between the 3 days

Get A Toned Butt and Glutes Butt Building

Lie down on an exercise ball or a workout bench, put your hands flat in front of you and lift both legs at the same time. Do not move your upper body. This will make the workout much more intense. You can also build a great looking butt but lifting your legs one at a time. Kick hard no slacking.

Time to get into squats you can do these with weights in your shoulders or by kicking with the leg. If you kick with the leg you will be working those inner thighs to the max. Time to get the jump rope out and get to it.

toning workouts for womenThis is great for cardio and the muscles under the butt. Jump roping alone leans you out fast. Try to put in at least a good 3 sets of Jump Roping at 3 mins each. This 9 minutes will burn more fat than running for a full thirty minutes. Using a step it is time to get to the Plyometric jumps. these are easy just a good forward and backward jump on the step. Do as many as you can in 30 secs 3 sets. These toning workouts for women are excellent in building a great looking body.

Leg Workouts for women at home

This leg toning workout is short and sweet. You got to options here you can either do Sumo Squats or lunges. Sumo Squats: hold dumbbells in front of you and squat or keep you arms to your body like a karate master. Lunges: Just jump in a lunge position. EASY!

What we all want tight abs and a leaner waist

To get a gorgeous bikini body you must have a good hour glass shape. You want to still show off your curves but have a slender waist. Ab toning workouts for women will accomplish this easily.

Jennifer Nicole Lee is all about tightening the obliques and getting a smaller waist so she does not want you to bulk up your middle part of the body. She calls this the Super Woman Stance Get an exercise bar behind your head and get into the super woman stance. Now twist the waist down and up. Get as many reps in as you can do in a 1 min period do 2 more sets. You do not have to use the bar if you do not want to.It is there just to help with form.

Back to lunges but go deep i the lung and twist at the waist. Use the bar if you want. This will work on chiseling the obliques and toning the legs.

Super Charge the Metabolism

This is simple no gimmicks or hype or tricks to this one. Just do 2o mins of cardio in the morning and another 20 minutes later in the day. Total of 40 minutes. Everyday add a rest day.

Diet is the key to toning workouts for women here is diet tips by JNL herself.

  • Eat asparagus during bikini season. She recommends 6-8 stalks for ether dinner or lunch. Asparagus is a dieteritic helping to flush water from the body.
  • Get your sugar fix by eating fresh fruits. Drink protein shakes any time during the day to replenish the muscles.
  • Eating fibrous foods will flat out the belly. These are Strawberries, spinach, broccoli, watermelon, and blueberries
  • The Jennifer Nicole Diet is based on fibrous carbs, complex carbs and lean protein meals. She calls it the super meal formula. Eat whenever your body is needing to eat. Never starve yourself. Control your portions always. The motto “Eat like a Queen at breakfast and Eat like A pauper at dinner”
  • At dinner time avoid complex carbs period. No eating complex carbs after 5pm this means not pasta, rice, bread, or sweet potatoes. Stick with grilled chicken or fish.

I hope these toning workouts for women help you achieve that great looking body you want for the summer or anytime. As fitness and Bikini model the summer is the best time for her to really hunker down and work hard. Stay Confident and you can do it.

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