The Best Jump Rope Workouts

jump rope workout

Give your childhood toy a new use.

In every celebrity workout montage a jump rope is used at least once. I remember dreaming I was Rocky Balboa.

You probably never guessed that a jump rope was more than just a toy but a quick and solid cardio experience.

Using this tool in an effective way, you will be able to burn off fat in no time easily.

The best jump rope workout routines

A jump rope workout is perfect for weight loss cardio exercise. It can be intense when you vary your jump rope style. You can get great conditioning and raise your heart rate without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home.

Jump roping will not interfere with your normal routine. Your body weight along with a rope produces the most successful fat burning machine possible.

What you will need for the best jump rope workouts

  • 1st go out an get you a rope. You can sneak into your kids toy box and find one or you can get one at your local fitness store.
  • Make sure the jump rope is nice and tight so it will not snap on you.the best Jump rope workouts
  • adjust the handles to ensure that the rope is at the right height so you can jump through it. Make sure it hits the ground when you do.
  • You will need to get yourself some good footwear. The best option is cross trainers. They are specifically designed for the gym and for track.
  • You want to reduce the impact on your hips, knees and ankles. A jump rope workout is a great alternative to to running. It has less stress on the body. You will last a lot longer than if you went out running.
  • Lastly once you have the gear you need, now you must prepare yourself. Your best friend at this point is determination. Keep yourself on task and you will shed pounds fast.

Tips For Success

Here are a few tips on how to make a jump rope workout that will help you shed those pounds and stay within your limitation.

Jump rope workout tips to reach success

These tips will give the best jump rope workout exercise to lose weight within your personal limitation.

Goal Setting

Give yourself small goals. This makes it easy to accomplish your task and keeps you motivated. Start small and easy by setting a goal of ten minutes a day for one week.

If you accomplish this make sure you reward yourself with anything you want. A man might want to hang with buddies at the golf course and a woman may want to keep it simple by getting a new pair of shoes or getting their hair done.

Always try to push yourself further with every goal you accomplish. If you want to burn fat fast then setting achievable goals is the best chance for success. You can also use this concept with other exercises or routines.


You may began to plateau after awhile so it is best to vary your jump rope workout. All this means is that your body has achieved good cardio and is ready to go further. Nothing wrong with that.

jump ropeThe best Jump rope workout routines

Use these next techniques to change up your routine so you can stay on top of pushing yourself.

The Timed Method

Set your stop watch for 30 seconds and jump as many times as you can, just like when you were a kid. Pick any number and go for it. If it is 50 then try to hit 50. Try to hit that goal every time you do a set. repeat for at least 10 sets. Rest in between each set. You begin to create a great way to keep challenging yourself and burn fat fast every week.

The Count Down Method

If you have established good cardio then this method will work wonders. If you are starting out you may find this method challenging. You pick a starting number of jumps in a row to reach.

1. Start with 350 reps and make this your first set.

2. When you complete your 350 reps subtract 50 and repeat the process.

3. Make sure to rest for 30-90 secs in between each set.

4. Keep going until you hit zero. You will get rid of fat so fast you will need to go a new pair jeans in no time.

Remember you need to stay dedicated in order to see results. Put in your time and effort and you will successful. I hope you are ready to start the best jump rope workouts. What are you waiting for take action today.

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