8 Step Ab Crunches At Home

stomach exercise at home

These 8 steps to crunches at home to get totally toned abs takes a great routine to take your abs to the next level.

These 9 steps will not take hours of your time because these ab crunches you can do at home target your core muscles from all angles.

Before you get started on your 9 step circuit. I want you to get your body ready to burn some serious stomach fat. Take PHENQ to prepare the body to burn stored belly fat.

Now you are want to take the next 3-5 minutes Getting your body warmed up. Do some jumping jacks, a little jump rope and maybe a light jog. All you are trying to do is get your blood circulating and your muscles warmed up. This way you prevent any injuries.

Ready to get started Let’s go…

The 8 step Ab crunches at home Routine.

You are going to want to perform 1 set for each of these workouts in order, you will rest about 20 seconds in between. This help you keep your fat burning and heart rate up to it’s peak potential.You will also be challenging your muscles more. Depending on your fitness level try this 1 to 3 times.

1. Stability Ball Crunchesstability ball crunches

Grab a large exercise ball or stability ball and rest your buttocks and your lower back on the ball. Put your hands behind your head to engage your core muscles. Your are going to lift your chest and shoulders in an upward direction until you feel the crunch. Hold that position for a count of 1 at the top, then return to your beginning position slow and with control. Do 15-20 Reps.

2. Oblique Stability Ball Crunch

oblique stability ball crunchOne one side rest on your stability ball or exercise ball. Now bend upward right at the waist to engage your core muscles. Do 12-15 reps

3. The Bicycle Crunch

Lie on your back if you have mat you can use it. Pull your chest forward and at the same time alternate between pulling each knee towards the chest. Make sure your abs are fully engaged the whole time. Do 15-10 reps.The Bycycle Crunch

4. Bench Knee Tucks

bench knee tucksThis workout can be done on a workout bench or your couch. Place your palms on the edge and bring one knee towards your chest. Make sure you stay balanced. Now alternate your knees. Do 12 reps per side.

5. Bicycle Crunch Exercise For The Lower Abs

Lying on your back, straighten out your legs straight up into the air towards the ceiling. Staying controlled slowly lower one leg towards the floor. bicycle crunch exerciseStop just a few inches above the floor. Hold that position for one count and the repeat with the other leg. Do as many of these as possible.

6. Russian Twist Exercise

Balance your butt on a stability ball, you can hold a medicine ball or a weight with both hands in out in front of you. keep your back straight, turn side to side as you move the ball or weight across your body. Do as many as possible.russian twist exercise

7. The Plank Exercise

Balance your lower body on your toes and rest your forearms on the floor. Straighten all parts of your body so that your back, shoulders, and legs are all aligned. Make sure your abs are engaged and hold for 1 minute.planks exercise

8. Side Plank Exercise

side planks exerciseTurn to the side and balance on the side of 1 forearm, with your lower part of your body balancing on one side of the same foot. Lift your torso to create a straight line with your body, and hold here for at least 30 seconds. Repeat on opposite side.



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