High Fiber Foods Help You Live Longer!

High Fiber Foods

There are numerous health benefits to eating foods high fiber foods. All a person needs to know is which foods are high in fiber. Living a a healthy life can be done as long as you have the right information. Couple this with a powerful workout routine and long life with good health is yours.

What Are Fiber Rich Foods?

You can reduce the risk of developing diabetes; reduce the risk of low cholesterol and cancer by eating fibrous foods. High Fiber Foods make the stomach fill fuller.

Eating these foods will help clean out the stomach by releasing stools from the metabolism. If you have increased pressure in the stomach then fiber foods should be eaten. There are fiber supplements for people that don’t have the time for a high fiber diet. However many do not know which foods are high in fiber.

High Fiber Foods Slow Prostate Cancer!

In a study published in the “Journal Cancer Prevention Research” there is a compound found in fiber that has the potential of stopping the progression of cancer in mice.

Researcher Komal Raina, Ph.D at the University of Colorado Cancer Center said “The Results are really profound” The research gave the mice compounds found in high fiber foods and found that the compound stop new blood vessels from being formed. The tumors could not grow without these blood vessels.

The study was done through animals but research has found that the high fiber food does have anti-cancer properties. There is a large review of studies that suggest that eating high fiber foods reduces the risk of colorectal cancer in the 2011 British Medical Journal.

What Are the Benefits of High Fiber Foods?

Aside from the possible anti cancer powers a high fiber diet will:

  • Live Longer
  • Keep Your Colon Healthy
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Helps to prevent Diabetes
  • Aides Digestion
  • Assist in Weight Loss
  • Prevents Heart Attacks

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What Are High Fiber Foods?

Typically, there are four different groups from where high fiber foods generate. These groups are divided into vegetables, fruits, grains and seeds, and legumes. One thing that is easy to remember is that any food which is less processed contains more dietary fiber. Below given are some of the fiber-rich foods belonging to different groups.


  1. Lettuce, Swiss chard, raw carrots, and spinach
  2. Tender cooked vegetables, such as asparagus, beets, mushrooms, turnips, and pumpkin
  3. Broccoli, artichokes, squashes, sweet potatoes, and string beans

Vegetable Juices:

  1. Legumes, such as lentils, black beans, split peas, kidney beans, lima beans, and chickpeas
  2. Sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachios nuts, and pecans


  1. Apples and bananas
  2. Peaches and pears
  3. Tangerines, prunes, and berries
  4. Figs and other dried fruits

Grains :

  1. Hot cereals, such as oatmeal, farina, and Cream of Wheat
  2. Whole-grain breads (whole wheat or whole rye)
  3. Brown rice
  4. Popcorn

High-fiber cereals (such as bran, shredded wheat, Grape Nuts, Ry Krisp, and puffed wheat)

  1. Whole-wheat pastas
  2. Bran muffins

Also, drink plenty of water. Fiber works best when it absorbs in water, making your stool soft and bulky. So bulk up your daily diet with high fiber foods get a wholesome meal experience and a route to a healthy you! The Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet Plan is formulated to help you burn fat fast and build a new healthier you.

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