Female Weight Training Secret To A Tone Body

female weight training

What is female Weight Training?

When it Comes to female weight training many women tend to worry that if they do any weight training the will gain a lot of muscle mass. Women do not produce the levels of testosterone needed to gain muscle mass so this should debunk the myth of massive female muscle gain.

Men tend to produce more testosterone so they build a lot of mass. This myth has caused many women try to avoid weight training and stick to just cardio to get that fitness model physique. Free weights are the best method for female weight training. Doing multi-joint movements is the key.

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Here are the most common female weight training movements from the JNL Fitness Model Workout Program:


Squats Will help you develop that bikini butt you always wanted. If you want sexy toned legs and butt then you need to do squats. You can use free weights, dumbbell, or kid to help you develop your legs and glutes (butt).

Dead Lifts

Dead Lifts are the best exercise for your body. Dead lifts involve a large number of muscles. It will stimulate the muscles in your legs, upper and lower back, abdominal (mid, lower and oblique), shoulders, etc.

Can be done by using the edge of a couch, bench, table, or if you go to a gym the dip station. You can use weight but your body eight is all you will ever need. Do As many as you can. This exercise will work the chest, shoulders, triceps and muscles of the upper body.


You will get the biggest bang for you buck by doing lunges. You can add weight or anything you have to give you more of a challenge. Lunges will work the same muscle groups as squats except from a different angle. You do them standing or walking lunges.

Pull Ups

Many men and women cannot do Pull ups because you need upper body strength. If you cannot quite get up on the bar use a chair to help you out.

“Change Up Your Routine”

the next must do for female weight training is to ensure that you change up your routine. Don’t make the same mistake other women make by doing the same workout over and over.

Your body will adapt to the workout and the great results you got at the beginning are no longer present. So if you want to continue making progress then change something up. Reps, weight sets,or adding a new exercise. Do this and avoid the plateau of darkness.

So there you have the top female weight training tips. This is definitely the best form of exercise to be doing if you want to make a complete body transformation so by getting started with it right now, you know you’re on track to success. These workouts and many others are a part of the JNL Workout Program. JNL will help you build a fitness model body in no time.

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