Benefits of a Cross Trainer, Burn Calories And Lose weight

exerpeutic aero air ellipticalBenefits of and Uses for Fitness Cross Trainers 101

Every gym you go to you see them, all kinds of elliptical machines are all over the the place from one end to the other, right along with the treadmills.

What Are Cross Trainers

One of the best cardio options in your local gym is the cross trainer. They are a specific type of elliptical machine. It provides upper body exercises and a full body workout. You create this great workout benefit by holding on to the swinging bars in unison with your legs.

If you want an intense workout then the cross trainer is for you. You can use it for a full intensity cardio session or a pre-workout stint.

The average adult will need approximately 150 minutes of intense cardio workout every week. A cross trainer is not strenuous on the joints and muscles because it provides a low impact workout.

What routines should be used with a Cross trainer?

Cross help you lose fat and maintain weight. There are several different cross trainer routines that will benefit the whole body.

Full Body Toning workout

Many of the various cardio machines in the gym do not give you a complete workout. A good cardio workout should work the whole body as if you were running or swimming. Cardio machines should have different workout settings that engages all the key muscle groups. The cross trainer will help define your muscles you want to focus on. A good example is the exercise bike. if you are using this machine you are only working on the legs but not your arms.

Outstanding Cardio

The cross trainer is an outstanding machine when you consider the full body workout experience. The body gets a surge of full body cardiovascular activity because of the motion of the arms and legs in unison. Your quads and hamstrings are fully engaged when using a cross trainer.

Low Impact Low stress on the Body

The users joints get a low impact experience when using a cross trainer. This is one of the top benefits of this machine. This helps to promote better muscle development when weightlifting and just better overall bodily health.

The traditional elliptical damage your posture due to the stationary hand holds. Even, a treadmill can be damaging to the user by putting more stress on the knees and other parts of the body that are prone to arthritis.

What makes the cross trainer an excellent choice is the fact that it gives you a combination of creating a realistic cardio workout routine and a full body tone workout. Next to swimming, this is probably one of the least harmful choices you can make for your body.

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