Cardio Exercises For Abs In 4 Simple Steps!

cardio exercises for absA good cardio exercises for abs is not just about cardio. Thinking out side of the box for cardio can help you build the abs of your dreams. For some people crunches can create a large bulge because crunches stretch the muscles. You need a whole body workout to strengthen your core.

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Doing reps only limits your capacity to push hard. So the best way to do cardio exercises for abs is to use a timer. Set it for 3 min Rounds and do as many reps you can in 3 mins. Push hard and don’t quit till the buzzer goes off.

For most people the fat stores around their stomach will be the last place they start to lose. For example, I can be very lean and still hold a little weight around my mid section, just because that is where my body naturally stores fat. Many people have this same issue as well, and I always recommend them just starting a good weight loss program and yes eventually you will get a flat stomach.

Cardio Exercises For Abs Workout Structure:

  • You have 4 exercises.
  • Do each exercise for 20seconds followed by 10 second rest
  • Move straight onto the next exercises until you have complete all 4 exercises
  • Repeat the full circuit a minimum of 3 times

4 Great Cardio Exercises for Abs!

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are great for getting your abs in shape. Start with both hands on the floor in the push position. Move to the plank position by stretching out the legs. Now bring either the left or right leg to the core then switch legs. Set timer for 3 minutes and get a full body workout.

Jumping Rope

We all at some point know played with the jump rope. Jump roping is one of the great cardio exercises for abs. It works the core at the same time giving you a full body workout. There are many variations of cardio exercises for abs when you using a jump rope. Stick to the basics nothing fancy. It  may seem difficult at first but stick with and you will be jumping rope like the pro’s.

High Knees

To add intensity to jogging, I strongly recommend going for high knees. As simple as it sounds, what you need to do is to run in place while brining your knees high enough to be at par with your chest and pumping your arms in a quick fashion. It will remind you of a sprinting action but the key is the speed of lifting the knee and its height. Not only will it tone your arms and legs but also will help you in getting rid of stubborn tummy fat.

The vertical Leg Crunch

This seems easy but its killer for building your ab muscles. Lie on your back on the floor with your hands behind your head. Lift your legs so your calves are parallel to the floor with a 90 degree angle in the knee. Cross your ankles. Contract your abs so that your lower back touches the floor. Curl your shoulder blades and lower back off floor reaching the knees and chest towards each other. Release slowly. Repeat.

Cardio exercises for abs is not that difficult and takes little time to get done. These simple exercises will help you get a flat stomach in no time. Stay dedicated and motivated and you will see the results you want.

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