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The Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet-What Other JNL Fitness Model Reviews aren’t Telling You

If you’ve read through other JNL Fitness Model Reviews, you probably already know about the revolutionary workout system that brings the power of the gym right into a 5 X 5 foot space anywhere in your home.  But what you might not know about is the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet.  The Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet is just one part of the super-effective Jennifer Nicole Lee workout, which gives you the best all-around fitness model to frame your workout routine around.

What is the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet?

First let me tell you who Jennifer Nicole Lee is. She is an author and lifestyle consultant. She is a certified personal trainer and she is a specialist in sports supplementation. She was crowned Miss Bikini America and has appeared on Oprah.

Jennifer Nicole Lee is the world’s most accomplished top fitness model and an international celebrity due to her wildly successful globally broadcast infomercials and key media appearances.

JNL is also a bestselling author, wellness guru, highly sought-after motivational speaker, and specialist in sports nutrition and supplementation with an emphasis in anti-aging.

Fitness Model workoutHer inspirational weight loss success story has inspired millions to take action in their own lives, and her cutting-edge, yet timeless approach to fitness has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, E! Entertainment, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, CBS’ Early Morning Show, Inside Edition, Fox & Friends, WE Entertainment’s Secret Lives of Women, and in countless magazines.

She is a fitness icon and has become a household name, due to making regular appearances on networks such as the Home Shopping Network, sharing her favorite wellness and fitness products with millions of viewers.

Jennifer Nicole Lee or JNL for short has developed a Fitness Model Workout that produce fat loss and muscle building for that perfect bikini model body.

She has coached thousands of people and have helped them achieve the fitness model physique that is adored by many.

Get a Fitness Model Body with the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet

In fact, you can have an actual fitness model body in just 60 days with the JNL Fitness Model Workout Program.  That’s because it is created by Jennifer Nicole Lee, a once 200-pound overweight woman who created this program that took her from overweight housewife to the top of the fitness model industry.  You’ve probably seen her in publications such as Fitness Magazine, Natural Muscle, Muscle and Performance, Shape and Oxygen Magazine.

Who Is The JNL Fitness Model Workout For?

Jennifer Nicole Lee designed the JNL Fitness model workout program for women on the go. Business women, Students, fellow female fitness instructors and mothers have found this program to be exactly what they needed to get that bikini body we all crave.

What is the JNL Fitness Model System?

The JNL Model Fitness Workout Program is a 12-DVD set that focuses on getting the average, overweight, middle-aged mom into fitness model shape.  It’s successes have been touted over hundreds of JNL Diet Reviews,  giving average people a way to get into the best shape of their lives.

By targeting specific areas of the body, the JNL Model Fitness System revolutionized the way people think about workout routines.  Based on the premises that the right workouts placed together for shorter amounts of time are much more effective than the wrong workouts for extended amounts of time, the JNL Model Fitness Program has streamlined most exercises to just 30 second intervals!

Plus, because the program was built for people looking to get in shape who might not have the freedom or financial means to join and workout at gyms, every JNL workout can be done right in the comfort of your own home.

Wherever you have access to a DVD player or computer and five feet by five feet of free space, you can do these workouts, any time, anywhere.  And, since they only take a few seconds per interval, you can do them in between your other chores or whenever you have a spare moment.

All in all, you only need to spend thirty minutes a day to get into the best shape of your life with the JNL Fitness Model System.

The JNL Workout Program is the best fitness routine for the modern person on the go.  Don’t let your busy schedule stand in the way of reaching your health and fitness goals.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet

The Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet

But as I said, if you’ve gone through any of the countless positive and glowing JNL Fitnes Model reviews, you already know all this.  What we really want to focus on is the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet. By combining the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet with the JNL diet plan, your results are virtually guaranteed—as long as you stick to the workouts and to the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet, you can expect to:

  • Lose weight fast
  • Burn fat from difficult places
  • Build lean, sexy muscle
  • Get into fitness model shape
  • See results in just 60 days
  • Blast away fat up to 48 hours after your workout

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The Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet comes with the JNL Fitness program, meaning you not only get the 12 30-minute workout DVDs, but you also get the Fuel up to Blast the Fat Meal Guide.  This nutritional guideline will show you the right—and wrong—things to put into your body.

As with any finely tuned machine—think about a Ferrari—you can’t put the wrong fuel into the system and expect it to operate at peak performance.  The human body works on the same principle and the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet Plan understands this.  You could be doing all the exercises correctly and working out twelve hours a day, but if you aren’t optimizing your body for fat burning and muscle building with the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet, you won’t be getting the best results you can.

The Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet Plan Gives You the Best Results, Fast

And that’s the key behind the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet—optimizing your diet to improve your workouts will let you exercise smarter, not harder.  By priming your body to perform at peak levels with the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet, you’ll get the most out of your workout because each exercise in the JNL Fitness Program will burn the right fuels—excess fat storage—while your nutritional intake will protect and nourish your muscles.

Picture0022Did you know that if you exercise on the wrong diet, your body can actually burn muscle?  Scary as it sounds, if you aren’t on a specially formulated diet plan like the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet with extreme fitness programs like the JNL Fitness Model Workout, you can actually be doing harm to your muscle mass, effectively counteracting all of your hard work.

With the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet, you don’t have to worry about that.  The Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet gives you all the nutrients, vitamins and essential amino acids you need to help protect and build muscles, while eliminating just enough fat to ensure that your body is only burning excess calories and fat for fuel.

How Does The Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet Plan Work?

Fueling your body is the focus of the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet plan. You will keep your metabolism up by eating more often and eating fewer calories. Including healthy foods and eating every few hours. This the key to The JNL Fitness meal plan.

Here is an example of a daily meal from the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet Plan:

  1. Breakfast: 1 ½ cup cottage cheese, ½ cup fruit cocktail
  2. AM Snack: 1 medium apple, 1 small banana
  3. Lunch: 3 ounces lean turkey breast, 2 pieces whole wheat bread, 1 slice low fat cheese, 1 tsp. low-fat mayo, 1 medium apple
  4. PM Snack: 2 slices 7 grain rye bread, 4 tsp jelly, 2 T peanut butter
  5. Dinner: 4 ounce chicken breast, 1 ½ cup cooked rice, 4 T reduced calorie salad dressing, 1 small garden salad.

Focusing on strength training and cardio is within this program. The workout is focused on women’s bodies so the weight training will not bulk you up but will make you lean and toned. The Fitness Model Diet debunks the myth that you have to spend several hours a day trying to get the body you want. The Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet requires that you work out at least 4 days a week under 60 minutes each day.

Here’s an example of the Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model workout Schedule.

  • Monday is always going to be Shoulders and Triceps
  • Tuesday is always going to be Legs
  • Wednesday is Cardio
  • Thursday is Chest and Biceps
  • Friday is Back
  • Saturday is Cardio
  • Sunday is your OFF-Active Rest Day, and also Food Prep Day (grocery shopping and meal planning)
OFF FM Food Plan PrepShoulders & TricepsLegsCardio: 25 MinutesChest & BicepsBackCardio: 25 Minutes

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What Will You Need To Build Your New Body?

  • A Piece of Cardio Equipment (Ex- Jump Rope, Elliptical Machine, Stair Master, or an Air Stepper)
  • A Pair of Dumbbells (choose your weight, depending upon your goals and fitness level)
  •  A Inclining/Declining Bench
  • A Workout Mat

You can find all need at

What Are Other Women Saying About the Fitness Model Program?

  “JNL, as the saying goes- Looking good is the sweetest revenge my ex-husband won’t stop calling me! Thank you for your easy to follow JNL Fitness Model™ Program! Now I too can look just as good as those high school and college girls!” –Olivia Grant (From the Official Website)

  “Overall her workout program is great. I was inspired by Jennifer she motivated me the whole through. She goes through a comprehensive step by step approach that has exactly what you need to get that fitness model body. I just love love love JNL Fitness Model Diet and workout program.” Amandak

   “Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet Program is a must buy for. The Fitness Model Workout has tips that help a busy mom as myself implement and follow. I lost 23 pounds Jennifer Nicole Lee inspired me and I could not give up. I saw her on the Oprah Show and I got hooked. I can’t wait to see her again on Oprah Winfrey. Jennifer has come so far and she did make any excuses or played the victim role. I give it a 10 out of 10″ C. Blount.

  ” I just purchased the JNL Workout Program and WOW it was just what I needed. Even though I got the program for the Fitness Model Diet I found Jennifer Nicole Lee to be very inspirational. The more I look at her and I know I can have the body I always dreamt of. I was able to breakdown her workouts they were easy and fun to do. I also liked the recipes which helped me learn how to eat better. Thank you So much” Pat B.

Getting the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet with the JNL Workout Package for Less

If you want to have that fitness model body then the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet Plan is perfect for you. The program does focus more on appearance than health but there are some great benefits to building the body you want. You can feel confident that the Fitness Model Diet Program gets results.

If you are busy women and you desire that healthy fitness model body then the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet program is for you. So, if you’re ready to get your fitness model body in just 60 days, the next step is all up to you.

It’s as easy as clicking here JNL Fitness Model Official Website right now for a super-low price on the amazing JNL Workout Program with the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet included free!

P.S Right now for a super-low price on the amazing JNL Workout Program you will get the Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet Plan, bonus Fitness Ebook, Weight Monitoring Program and more all included free!  Click Here to Learn More!

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Benefits of a Cross Trainer, Burn Calories And Lose weight

exerpeutic aero air ellipticalBenefits of and Uses for Fitness Cross Trainers 101

Every gym you go to you see them, all kinds of elliptical machines are all over the the place from one end to the other, right along with the treadmills.

What Are Cross Trainers

One of the best cardio options in your local gym is the cross trainer. They are a specific type of elliptical machine. It provides upper body exercises and a full body workout. You create this great workout benefit by holding on to the swinging bars in unison with your legs.

If you want an intense workout then the cross trainer is for you. You can use it for a full intensity cardio session or a pre-workout stint.

The average adult will need approximately 150 minutes of intense cardio workout every week. A cross trainer is not strenuous on the joints and muscles because it provides a low impact workout.

What routines should be used with a Cross trainer?

Cross help you lose fat and maintain weight. There are several different cross trainer routines that will benefit the whole body.

Full Body Toning workout

Many of the various cardio machines in the gym do not give you a complete workout. A good cardio workout should work the whole body as if you were running or swimming. Cardio machines should have different workout settings that engages all the key muscle groups. The cross trainer will help define your muscles you want to focus on. A good example is the exercise bike. if you are using this machine you are only working on the legs but not your arms.

Outstanding Cardio

The cross trainer is an outstanding machine when you consider the full body workout experience. The body gets a surge of full body cardiovascular activity because of the motion of the arms and legs in unison. Your quads and hamstrings are fully engaged when using a cross trainer.

Low Impact Low stress on the Body

The users joints get a low impact experience when using a cross trainer. This is one of the top benefits of this machine. This helps to promote better muscle development when weightlifting and just better overall bodily health.

The traditional elliptical damage your posture due to the stationary hand holds. Even, a treadmill can be damaging to the user by putting more stress on the knees and other parts of the body that are prone to arthritis.

What makes the cross trainer an excellent choice is the fact that it gives you a combination of creating a realistic cardio workout routine and a full body tone workout. Next to swimming, this is probably one of the least harmful choices you can make for your body.

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How Walking Burns Fat and Calories

calories burned walkingThe best thing about how to walking burns fat and calories is that it can be done any where and it is easy to do. Just head outside with your best sneakers on. There is no need for any special or expensive equipment.

You can take a short walk around your neighborhood or the park. it wont matter as long as you take action and walk.

Most people think that an exercise as simple as walking has no benefit. Well that is not true according to many studies. Walking burns fat and has great benefits. There are so many benefits that they all cannot be named in this article. However, there is a few that are important.

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Walking burns Calories The Benefits:

Walking increases physical strength. It is also a great way to improve your overall well being and helps to war off diseases.

According to the American Heart Association walking can help reduce the risk of both breast and colon cancer. It can also help reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

The American Heart Association has concluded that walking reduces the risk of colon and breast cancer. It can also reduce your risk for osteoporosis and Type 2 Diabetes.

If you are a person that suffers from high blood then walking can help to alleviate it. You will also be able to improve your blood sugar levels. For such a simple exercise there are lots of great benefits.

Tips for burning calories while you walk.

The best way to that walking burn fat is to go for a 30 minute walk everyday. You will improve health and tone your muscles. Start off slow if you have not worked out in a while. You can start with 5 minutes a day just to keep it simple and easy. As you begin to get stronger yo can increase your to ten minutes, 20 minutes and then finally to 30 or more.

You will release hormones what is called feel hormones when you are walking or doing any type of exercise. The scientific term is for these feel good hormones is Endorphines.

You will get an immediate boost in mood when your body is releasing Endorphines. Because walking is a low impact exercise it is a good exercise for anyone at any age.

How Many Calories Can You Burn Walking?

Walking burns fat differently for different people. How many calories you burn walking will depends on 3 different factors.

1. Your current weight
2. the intensity of your walk
3. how long you go for a walk.

A person that weighs about 150 pounds and walks for a good 60 minutes can burn up to 250 calories.

A person that weighs 200 pounds has the potential to burn as much as 330 calories. On average a person will burn up to 140 calories/ per mile they walk.

How To Achieve The Best Results

Focus on letting your arms swing slight and walk with good posture to get the most out of your walking.

pedometerWith every stride you make ensure that you engage your abdominal muscles. It will protect your spine and build up your core strength.

Ask a family or a friend to walk with you. Go out and by a pedometer to track your steps and to see the results of how walking burns fat.

You will get the best results if you aim to walk at least 30 minutes a day. Just remember to start a t a slow pace to get your body prepared for longer walks.

As you get stronger you can increase the amount of time and intensity of your walks.

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The Best Jump Rope Workouts

jump rope workout

Give your childhood toy a new use.

In every celebrity workout montage a jump rope is used at least once. I remember dreaming I was Rocky Balboa.

You probably never guessed that a jump rope was more than just a toy but a quick and solid cardio experience.

Using this tool in an effective way, you will be able to burn off fat in no time easily.

The best jump rope workout routines

A jump rope workout is perfect for weight loss cardio exercise. It can be intense when you vary your jump rope style. You can get great conditioning and raise your heart rate without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home.

Jump roping will not interfere with your normal routine. Your body weight along with a rope produces the most successful fat burning machine possible.

What you will need for the best jump rope workouts

  • 1st go out an get you a rope. You can sneak into your kids toy box and find one or you can get one at your local fitness store.
  • Make sure the jump rope is nice and tight so it will not snap on you.the best Jump rope workouts
  • adjust the handles to ensure that the rope is at the right height so you can jump through it. Make sure it hits the ground when you do.
  • You will need to get yourself some good footwear. The best option is cross trainers. They are specifically designed for the gym and for track.
  • You want to reduce the impact on your hips, knees and ankles. A jump rope workout is a great alternative to to running. It has less stress on the body. You will last a lot longer than if you went out running.
  • Lastly once you have the gear you need, now you must prepare yourself. Your best friend at this point is determination. Keep yourself on task and you will shed pounds fast.

Tips For Success

Here are a few tips on how to make a jump rope workout that will help you shed those pounds and stay within your limitation.

Jump rope workout tips to reach success

These tips will give the best jump rope workout exercise to lose weight within your personal limitation.

Goal Setting

Give yourself small goals. This makes it easy to accomplish your task and keeps you motivated. Start small and easy by setting a goal of ten minutes a day for one week.

If you accomplish this make sure you reward yourself with anything you want. A man might want to hang with buddies at the golf course and a woman may want to keep it simple by getting a new pair of shoes or getting their hair done.

Always try to push yourself further with every goal you accomplish. If you want to burn fat fast then setting achievable goals is the best chance for success. You can also use this concept with other exercises or routines.


You may began to plateau after awhile so it is best to vary your jump rope workout. All this means is that your body has achieved good cardio and is ready to go further. Nothing wrong with that.

jump ropeThe best Jump rope workout routines

Use these next techniques to change up your routine so you can stay on top of pushing yourself.

The Timed Method

Set your stop watch for 30 seconds and jump as many times as you can, just like when you were a kid. Pick any number and go for it. If it is 50 then try to hit 50. Try to hit that goal every time you do a set. repeat for at least 10 sets. Rest in between each set. You begin to create a great way to keep challenging yourself and burn fat fast every week.

The Count Down Method

If you have established good cardio then this method will work wonders. If you are starting out you may find this method challenging. You pick a starting number of jumps in a row to reach.

1. Start with 350 reps and make this your first set.

2. When you complete your 350 reps subtract 50 and repeat the process.

3. Make sure to rest for 30-90 secs in between each set.

4. Keep going until you hit zero. You will get rid of fat so fast you will need to go a new pair jeans in no time.

Remember you need to stay dedicated in order to see results. Put in your time and effort and you will successful. I hope you are ready to start the best jump rope workouts. What are you waiting for take action today.

how to burn belly fat fast for women

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The Best Toning Workouts For Busy Women

Toning Workouts For Women

Click here to learn more about the JNL Fitness Model Workout Program.

Toning workouts for women Get the best toning workouts for women with the Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness model program. The time has come to tone up and look great. Let’s get down to some of the best workout tips for women from Jennifer Nicole Lee here self. Strength Training For Women If you have problems areas then strength training is where you will be able to tone and lift those areas that bother you most. First focus on these six toning workouts for women and you will be burning fat quickly and building toned muscles. Yo will be doing 6 different circuits.

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How To Eat Like A Fitness Model To Lose Weight Fast

Now it is time to learn how to eat like a fitness model. A good fitness model nutritional guide and fitness model diet is the best way to eat breakfast like a queen, eat lunch like a princess and eat dinner like a peasant. Cycling down your carb intake is the reason for this short and sweet metaphor to help understand just how important it is to lower carbs from morning to night.

Visit the Fitness Model Diet Program Official Website

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Bikini Model Diet And Workout Program

Click Here To Learn More About The Bikini Model Diet and Workout Program

Many women suffer from an unpretty feeling. They begin to hide their bodies because they are embarrassed on how they look. Many of us have heard the statement that “You have a pretty face though” as if our confidence needed another hit. I wanted to desperately get rid of the baby fat and stretch marks from my pregnancy. After trying many diets and different workout programs I came across the Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Model Workout Program.

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Lose 20 Pounds In 2 months!

So you have a goal to lose 20 pounds in 2 months. You have made up your mind and decided that this time you are going to lose 20 pounds. You are ready for the hard work and you are ready to improve your diet.

Some people will say don’t put a date on the 20 pounds. I disagree with this point you should set a goal and if that goal is a date then go for it. The only time it gets to be complicated is when you set an unrealistic goal like trying to lose 100 pounds in a month.

You have to begin with which workout and diet program am I going to use to achieve this goal. You could go to the gym or you can bring the gym to your house. If you are a person that is motivated and ready to lose 20 pounds fast then you will love the JNL Model Workout program.

Click Here to Check Out The Jennifer Nicole Lee Workout Video!

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6 Minute Exercise For The Butt!

exercise for the buttThe one thing many women are looking for is an exercise for the butt. Looking great takes work and having the best butt exercise routine is the way to go.  Jennifer Nicole Lee is a world renown fitness model. She has formulated the best exercise for the butt. She helps you firm your butt so not only does it look nice but it does not jiggle when you walk.

Jennifer Nicole Lee has launched her newest workout program called the JNL Fitness Model Workout.

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JNL Fusion Reviews! Does JNL Fusion Work?

JNL Fusion Reviews!

jnl fusion results

There are many JNL Fusion reviews online that prove that the JNL Fusion workout program builds a great body. Jennifer Nicole Lee Fusion is the newest JNL workout that sticks to short 30 second workout intervals. JNL Fusion can create the fitness model body that you have always desired. You will see unbelievable results and have body like Jennifer Nicole Lee and other top name fitness models.

There is no need to lug your stuff clear across town to go to the gym. With the JNL Fusion Workout DVD all you will need is space and a DVD player and you are ready to go. Once you hit the play button Jennifer Nicole Lee Fusion will give you a new body. You can create a great looking body like the fitness model superstar Jennifer Nicole Lee!

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